Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Time to Move....

I've been exploring the wonders of Wordpress and my own domain. I've begun the blog over there, but find it easy to just do the simple thing here on blogger.

So, I'll be moving the bulk of my work over the I tried importing everything, but somehow a small bit of postings (like all of 2005) didn't move over. I have been hanging back, and not pounding on it lately to figure it out, but I'd just have to go back and edit a lot of links anyhow....

I haven't completely gotten up to speed on getting the right files pointing at the other right files, and I'll be fiddling with the layout for at least the next few days, so if if you're not getting there, don't give up, just try later.

I'll leave this up as the archives, and have a link at the top of the blogroll section on the new site right now. My blogroll is presently quite limited, because I just have to type them all back in (if any one has a better way to shove them into MySql, please clue me in!).

I'm looking forward to improved capabilites, such as categorizing posts, to make it easier to dig around by subject.

If you have me blogrolled, please take a few moments and update your blog templates, or what ever format you have them in.

See you on the "other side!"


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