Friday, August 19, 2005

The Hierarchy of Recognition - The Trailer

I say the trailer, as this is a just a teaser, but maybe it will get a few comments from the AD community. "Back in the 'Day'," we were fortuntate enough to have only a few categories of recognition (for purposes of this post, it's about positive recogniton). With the inception of email for everyone, and other modern miracles, I would suspect the heirarchy has expanded some. I dealt with (presented in order of importance): Personal Medals Letters of Commendation Letters of Appreciation Memo of Appreciation Phone call of Appreciation. It was an uncomplicated time, back when computers were mostly used for war like functions, or on the desk of someone in the Pentagon, eager to get their first Meritorious Service Medal (MSM) as an O-4. If they had a hard drive, it was worthy to be filled with data from the Fleet (where the real sailors lived, equipped with, at best, Xerox Star word processors, but more often, a Selectric like Dan Rather shoudl have used, well into the mid 90s. The question always was, what level was appropriate for recgonition, and...then the great stories sometimes are in how it was received by the subject.... Anyhow, work is busy, side work is busy, and I'm off on a long drive for the afternoon to make money. Any comments from as to how the topic above may have complicated and/or enhanced your life?

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