Friday, August 05, 2005

The "Peace Dividend" Benefits Former Enemy

Today's news: Russian mini-sub is stuck in 625 ft of water with a crew of seven, with air to last about a day. If you need technical details, get to Bubblehead's Blog - "The Stupid Shall Be Punished", or Chapomatic's Blog. Both are "plugged in" guys who earned their "dolphins." Those are but two who know the business of the "Silent Service." Take a moment and think about it. How far have we come? It's just over 19 years ago, I was in the central Ionian Sea (center of the Med) riding the flagship of the battle force commander. Libya was rattling their cheap pot metal saber, and the Soviets were their ally. I recall seeing the Sovremmny guided missile destroyer shadowing us, constantly staying on our north side, but within easy range of their 130mm guns and cruise missiles. One nite, one of the frigates under our staff's control was almost run over by a Soviet cruiser. The FFG had the right of way by the International Rules of the Road. Tensions were high and not only were there Soviet vessels, but a number of submarines, diesel and nuclear powered, patrolling in our vicinity. Our main concern, since the Soviets had supplied some of the same type subs to Libya as they had in theater, was if there was a subsurface contact threatening the three carrier battle group, and we punched a Mk 46 into the water, would we be taking out a Libyan, or starting WWIII.... Today, we are flying a remotely controlled submarine to help. I understand the British are on their way to help, also. The "Peace Dividend" of the Cold War is that former enemies are now rolling up their sleeves together to save lives. It took from 1945 to 1989 to reach the point where we could begin to work together. How does this apply today? If anyone wonders what we are doing in Iraq, they need look no further than this story to see, as with the Germans and Japanese after WWII, our relations with a former enemy are now the opposite of what they were. We can look forward to this type of relation with the middle eastern countries if we stay the course. Strength works to secure peace for us all. Thanks to Mudville Gazette for the Open Post!

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