Thursday, January 06, 2005

And the MSM wonders why we question them

It certainly appears that the MSM just hates bloggers. I have come to understand when you have a strong emotional reaction to anything (usually in the negative direction), it's good to sit back and examine just why you feel that way. Many times, I have come to the conclusion (properly so) that I have a problem, not the person who "set me off." I'd invite the MSM to seriously consider what has put the burr under their saddle, and possibly see if there's something they can do to help amend the current "divide." Also, I was lead to believe that "jounalists" were to report the news, not to set out to "change the world." Idealism is fine, but being deceitful is wrong, and that, I believe is at the core of the problem. If you want to change the world, say so and get on with it. You'll get respect points for telling it straight. If not, you loose points for lying. Call that a "DUH!" moment, but maybe too many jounalists have grown up under the post-Dr. Spock days, and had no leadership at home. Enough rambling. Taka a click on this article about press "cheerleading". At least it highlights the problem internally. We can only hope it takes root.

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