Monday, January 31, 2005

They're out of gas, so let's get on with life....

I'm impressed, and a little stunned that there is overall positive reaction to the history that occured yesterday. "Ballot not Bullets" graced the above the fold story on the front of the Tampa Tribune. Good job! Blackfive has two stories that show the desperation of the terrorists. Here's one from an Air Force photographer and this is the other, which discusses how the terrorists have apparantly run out of young boys and woman to volunteer to kill themselves, but now use children with Downs Syndrome. We're talking real losers, who are running on fumes. After just reading those two stories, how can any thinking person give any credibility to these people who hide behind ski masks, disembowel women peace workers and behead truck drivers? The tide is turned. History is in the making. The world will become safer. The MSM and the left wingers will be left scratching their heads, making some illogical rationaliztions.

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