Friday, September 30, 2005

Are There More Than Two Tribes? - The Sequel

I began this story a few days ago. This mornings news is apparently trumpeting a change in society, yet what it really is is an announcement by the HBM/MSM is: "WE STILL GOT IT!" I began to update the previous post, like this: Update 9/30/05: Thank you News Media of the Main Stream for "changing the world." You'd have done more for the country by telling tht truth... I decided it may get buried in the background, so I did the best thing: Make more for you to read.... Anyhow, the MSM seems to have become imbued with some new spirit of control in the Vietnam era, when they found out how stilted reporting could end a war (without any insightful analysis as to the long term outcome, let alone the immedate carnage). They have continually tried to take on the President over Iraq, with not much success. I think they went after the hurricane stories to show they still could exert great influence over world events. The sad part is their reporting was based on lies.... Ergo, the "new attitudes" are based on lies. What a shame that they pretend to be for the greater good, yet all they really want is to be noticed and, more importantly, in control.... I will not hold my breath waiting for retractions, nor any more formal attempts to right this egregious wrong.

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