Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"RED TAPE" - The Sequel...

On 9/9/05, I pondered the rising angst with "RED TAPE" in the context of not enough relief efforts for Katrina working well. That horrible stuff that binds us in inaction, particularly when we need any level of governmental office to do what we want right this very instant. Today, I smirk with the about week long struggle in the papers and radio and TV media with the fervent calls for "accountability" and "oversight" and the need to "make sure the relief money is spent the right way!" when the issue of billions of dollars flowing to the Gulf Coast comes up. I said this in the prior posting:
"The forms, reports and procedures you love to hate, define the "Red Tape" term. Here's the real bottom line: They get there, to get in your way, directly, or indirectly, so you, the taxpayer, can have detailed oversight of where the money went and who approved or disapproved some action that now is putting a burr under your saddle."
"RED TAPE" - We love to hate it, right up until it makes sure the other guy doesn't get something we thing they should have....the difference is when we love it, it's all of a sudden not "RED TAPE."

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