Thursday, September 29, 2005

An Open Note to the Democrats....

Re: Tom DeLay and moving money between companies, states, and candidates.... Dear concerned Democrat (who sees your party being continually beat up over stupid stuff); Once again, I'll remind you (as I did in some post a while back) that you'd most likely have better strategies and tactics if you could manage to attract some senior military officers to your side. They have the hands on experience to help you through the virtual minefield. Then again, your strident anti-war stance seems to drive away the very type of people who might be your best assets...and I said that before as well. Now, to the topic at hand: Remember when you tried to hang Tom Delay before over money from some lobbyist paying for trips ("junkets" I believe is the proper term)? The MSM got all whipped up, the crowds were chanting for blood, there was name calling, accusations....and then (crickets chirping).... It seems when the rest of the House representatives, who were in the forefront of the attack, reviewed their own dealing there were also "administrative irregularites" with their travel. Some of the problems were the same man who paid for Tom Delay had funded some democrats. Other issues involved that fact not being clearly stated on the travel reports. Other reports had not been submitted in the established time frame (30 days, I recall). No wonder if got quiet. The same "crimes" of Tom DeLay had been carried out by Nancy Pelosi and others on both sides of the isle. Hint: If a tactic causes you to lose a battle (and gracefully spares you from extremination), re-examine your plan and the specific tactics. You may have a good tactic, but it's best used in other circumstances. Your timing may have been off, or.... you just might have done it before, and not even realized the cause of your own demise. "Hey diddle diddle, right up the middle" tends to become very predictable, to the point the ambush awaits you and strategic defeat follows (for you, that is). Check your play book. Make sure you read the basic instructions that tell you to make sure you're clean of the "crime" yourself before you scream bloody murder. Another hint: If you only have one play in the book, have a strategic retreat and come up with other ideas. Here's some wisdom I picked up from one of my commanders that might help out a little in this area. And, if you're so inclined, study the history of human conflict, there are lots of clues there that may help guide your decision making inn your quest to regain your power you so obsessively chase after. Summary: I predict you'll find a lot of people digging in the DNC and Democratically controlled PAC funds, and the same issues will arise for your own people. It will be ugly, as once again, you beat a retreat, with the enemy at your heels. The sad part is, you'll have brought it on yourselves. Enough counselling for one day. Get back to me if you need more help. Signed, A concerned citizen who is tired of infantile attempts to grab power when we have much better things to debate.

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