Friday, March 24, 2006

Cpl Desmond T. Doss, CMOH Winner, Passes Away

Black Five has the news of the passing of Desmond Doss. Update 03/25/2006: Services for Desomnd Doss are in this newspaper article. He will be buried in Chattanoga, TN, on April 3rd. I previously had written of the heroism of this man who lived for God on the 60th anniversary of Desmond Doss' valour on Okinawa May 5th, 1945. The movie of not only his selfless actions as an Army Medic, but of the life of a man who completely understood what it meant to have convictions and the stick by them, titled "The Conscientious Objector," is here. I highly recommend you order your DVD copy and plan on hearing a story of someone incredible. As a 3rd grader, I went on a walk with my dad and sisters in the sugar cane fields near MCAS Futema on Okinawa, where I was told the story of a man who would not carry a weapon, but saved almost every man in his company. That was striking enoough, but to hear man years later the path that man walked to do that is even more incredible. I now regret not heading to his Church to shake his hand and let him know the inspiration he was across a career, and later in my personal life. Thanks to Adam's Blog for the Open Trackback. Thanks to Point Five for the Weekend Open Trackback.


Michael M. Yugovich said...

Desmond T. Doss visited Broadview Academy (LaFox, IL) in 1962 for a weekend. He was the paragon for young Seventh-day Adventists males who would be called to serve in the US military in medical corps. Adventists were opposed to the taking of human life and refused to bear arms, but would serve as medics. His military service was exemplary of his faith that God truly watched over those who obeyed Him, even in the most dire of circumstances, and the power of prayer. He told us that one time in the heat of battle he encouraged many of those with him to pray to God for protection, and there was not one casualty that day.

He wrote a paragraph in my Bible and included the text which he believed was God's promise to guard those to believed in Him. He was an extremely humble human being, and an inspiration for others. His life was a testament to his belief. His legacy will always be a paradigm for others who seek to live their life according to God's precepts, especially Seventh-day Adventists who will always call attention to his example.

Michael M. Yugovich

Anonymous said...

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