Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Day has Arrived - April 4th, 2006

Every since the introduction of Mac OS 10, I predicted the day would come when the morning headline, above the fold, in large print, would read:


The day was 4/4/2006, and it's been a long time coming. The OS 10 operating system, being built on a UNIX base, runs UNIX programs. It (obviously) runs Mac programs, (which is an interesting story about backwards compatability the Apple always supported - but that's another post). Now, with the Intel based Mac computers, Boot Camp (oh, btw, a free beta!)..."we" have arrived.

A pox on the houses of all of you die hard, brainwashed PC-ites, who, having never laid a hand on the mouse of a Mac, could, with a straight face, tell me "Macs are no good!"

The same to you who proclaimed "We have 25,000 programs, you only have 2,500!" Now we own all of yours and all of ours....

One comment (as Chapomatic likes to say): Heh!

Yep, I have a PC now, but you'll have to wait until Oct this year before I lay out my hobby equipment "ownership" post.

And if you think it's no big news, check Apple's stock. As of a few mintues ago, it had gone from $60 (yesterday) to $71 today. The Dow is presently "taking a dump" my investor friend tells me....hmmmmmmm..... Update: 4/7/2006: The 2 Steves Who Changed the World from CNN. How true...

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