Friday, April 21, 2006

Semi-Live Blogging from DC MilBlogging Conference - Part I

I'm checked in after a long drive and three family visits enroute, and will be heading to Fran's Restaurant tonight for the pre-MilBlogging Conference join up, but more importantly, to shake a few hands and say a few words of thanks to our service personnel, while trying not to interupt their free steak dinner. LCDR and Mrs Smash will be here, and I think one other tagged with being a navy type in the list of attendees. I'm looking forward to getting to know some of the people I have read much of over the last two years. I was hoping Capt Lex would make an excuse to make a cross country, but....he's busy, I guess, becoming an systems engineer.... If you're not already briefed in on the furor over Fran's lease not being renewed, go here, read and chase the links. Hilton boned this one up (even the MSM is writing negative things!). Fran is also looking to set up a fund to keep the dinners for the wounded personnel from Walter Reed going. If you have a few spare $$$, that may be a good place to drop them. More later!

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