Wednesday, September 29, 2004

c-BS BREAKING NEWS! Hurricane in Minnesota!

Thanks to the overly active imagination of Frank J. at IMAO: "This is Dan Rather with continuing coverage of Hurricane Jeanne which has surprisingly skipped right over Florida and landed in Minnesota. Yes, I know some ankle-biting pajama wearing fanatics known as 'bloggers' are disputing this, some claiming to be from Minnesota and showing pictures that everything is fine, but we still have this evidence." Rather held up a photo of hurricane damage with the word "Minnesota" on it. "See, this photo, sent to us by an anonymous, unimpeachable source, shows hurricane damage and is clearly labeled 'Minnesota.' And listen to this expert." An expert walked up to Rather. "That is clearly a label." He then walked away. "So, you snot-nosed punks, stop doubting me!" Rather then jumped up on his desk. "I am newscaster Rather! Fear my power, or I shall report your obituary!"

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