Sunday, September 26, 2004

These are a few of my favorite blogs

I've been avidly reading blogs for about 5 months now and decided today was the day to join the fray. I happily join the other pajamamujahadien in the cyber world. As a way of introducing the reading I have been doing, which from which you can conclude my leanings to some degree, here are some of the many that I make a special effort to read daily, if not more depending on how fast the news is breaking. I will shamelessly promote the blogs with my thoughts on them as well: Little Green Footballs I was reading this well before RatherGate. Charles was the one who overlayed a MS Word document on the Texas ANG memos and got the entire ball rolling on the forgery issue. Even before that, his blog has a lot of links to news that is published overseas, or downplayed stateside. Great discussions from many thinking readers makes it even better thatn the basic posts alone! The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller Misha has a lot of insightful commentary, with "edgy" adjectives. Again, as with LGF, the discussions are lively and well populated. Black Five Matt is ex-military, with many connections to the real men, women and family members doing the hard work for the sake of freedom. His perspective is well founded when he adds to the material he links. Great place to find great reading and links to the real warriors, so you can see it through their eyes, not the filtering of the MSM. International Monkey Assasination Organization Frank isn't really an assassin, but he doesn't like monkeys. The man has a view of life of his very own and manages stick figure cartoons to get his point across. It's a hoot! That's a few to start with. Surf on over and spend a few minutes reading.

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