Sunday, September 26, 2004


This post is will be "the one that started it" for me. I've been reading blogs for about 6 months now and have decided to join the ranks of the pajamahadeen. More on the logic behind that to come with time, but it has at it's core the desire to let the main stream media (herinafter referered to as "MSM") and their blind supporters know there are plenty of thinking, knowledgeable people out here, who did not choose to wear a press pass for their chosen career. Not all of these people had to go through a higher education institution to get their smarts, either. "They" employ "experts" all the time, and, while I'm thinking of it, they actually pay them for their commentary. Look at all the talking heads they had who used to wear a uniform for the Gulf War and the War on Terror? In the land of the cyber-expert, it seems plenty of people did some tremendously detailed research. all free of charge for the MSM, and their idea of "thanks" was to tell the world that people who sit at home and type in their pajamas can't be taken seriously. If I had the free money, I'd sure pay plenty for some not-photshopped pictures of the major luminaries of the press corps typing at home on their their PJs! Comments? I feel like I'm running out the back of a Super Casa at 15,000 ft. I'm now falling into the cyber-atmosphere, but I packed a 'chute, it will be OK....

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