Thursday, September 30, 2004

Should Dan Rather go?

If you would like to make a statement to CBS about firing Dan Rather, here's a link to an online petition: Fire Dan Rather. I'd like to see him go. For many years, I have skipped over his news, as it long ago was proven to me that he was grinding many axes and not reporting. This whole issue of the forged documents and his reaction show he lacks integrity, morals and wants grace for himself, yet he offers no quarter to those he is attempting to discredit or malign. I learned something very powerful in 9 months of Naval War College: It's always dangerous to set a precedent. The catch is you never know when you may have to live by the rule you put in place. Dan Rather was all over blaming the President of the United Sates for the acts of those who pulled some pretty stupid stunts in the prison in Iraq. The crys of how it went all the way to the top, and how the President was responsible were all over the media, including CBS Evening News for weeks. Stop a minute and take off your partisan hats (or tin foil ones) and consider real life. Is it reasonable in your world to blame any president for the acts of someone in the lower and middle grade ranks of the govenrment? Nope, it's not and we all know it. The US Military alone is larger than the largest corporation on the planet, let alone consider the President is "responsible" (under the Rather and Democratic party model mentioned above) for all the rest of the people who are employed or contracted to the US Government. That's an extremely huge number of people and we all should be amazed at how smoothly the machinery of our Federal Government works most all the time. Here's the final connection to Dan Rather using the foreged documents, then trying to cover it up, and the President and Abu Gharib: If George Bush is responsible for Lindey and her friends, all that way down the chain of command, then Dan Rather is responsible for the work of his supporting staff. Hey, fair's fair! Dan Rather set the precedent, and now it's time for him to be a man and stand up, as he expected the President to do. Oh, that's right, he didn't. He blamed his employees, so it's too late for him to regain any minute portion of my respect. Go with these words carefully stored in your memory: It's always dangerous to set a precedent!

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