Wednesday, November 10, 2004

229 Years of Dedicated Heroism - The Marines!

Happy Birthday, Marines, those on duty, those who have done their duty and those chomping at the bit for their slot at PI or MCRD to open up! I have been struck by the number of Seagulls on Beachballs emblems on so many cars. Once in a while you see some Ranger/Airborne Tabs, sometimes a USAF, once in a while, Navy bumper stickers, but the Eagle and Anchor are all around. More often than not, when you have the opportunity to ask the driver when they were in, it was from several to many years ago, and in lots of cases, for one enlistment. Find a car with that emblem and thank a Marine today! You just have to love an institution that breeds a loyalty with humility, and a strength with purpose, that then has benefited this Nation and all who have come in contact with these remarkable few and proud people. Thank you and you Marines have my respect! CDR, USN (Ret)

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