Thursday, November 04, 2004

Sgt Joseph Bozik could use your help

Sgt Joseph was horribly wounded in Iraq and is now at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, DC. The Army can only bring 2 of his family members (from Ft. Bragg, NC), any others coming there are doing so out of pocket. Sgt Bozik's wounds are terrible, he has lost both legs and an arm and is in a coma. As any of you know, the cost of hotels in the DC area are very high and we know soldier's pay isn't that great. Transportation and living expenses are needed to allow his family to be with him. There is a way to help out in the link above, if you feel so inclinced. In this other post, there are pictures of Sgt Bozik, sent by his mother. What struck me was the life in his eyes in those two pictures. While it is a cruel set of circumstances that did this, his look seems to say there lots of life left in this young man. Please pass the word on, and don't forget there are others like Joseph Bozik who we owe much to.

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