Saturday, November 13, 2004

Another letter with no agenda

Through following links to places such as this, I have found some wonderfully detailed first person letters and emails. They aren't written in order to further anyone, they are just a slice of life, written by those who are on the front lines, in peaceful and not so peaceful places. The link here says at least two things: The writer is a person who can stop, put aside his inital reaction and focus on what it really happening. Secondly, it is a reminder that the world see us through the filter of such men and women who wear a uniform and come to their aid, and also, let us not forget to deal in that issue of justice. What does this mean to us? - We owe it to ourselves to send the very best, and make sure they are supported. Their actions leave a lasting impression on those who see them. - We owe it to the world to send the military abroad for the right reasons. Some will consider they are now in Iraq for some wrapped idea we have become neo-colonialist, but the truth is our daily, long term security is intimately linked with the ability of others to live, knowing a basic respect for their humanity. In a conversation last night, someone told me President Bush remarked that after WWII, the thought of making a democracy of Japan was completely written off. Look at the result of sticking to a dream to make a peaceful nation, then come back and tell me us being in Iraq now is a bad thnig. Also, consider this: Permission to use nuclear weapons has been given to Osama bin Laden. for those who would like to sit, safe in their home, believing it's all about Haliburton filling the pockets of Dick Cheny, HELLO, McFly! You're in a new world now. You can choose to pretend it won't happen, or you can figure out how you can best secure the lives of many, now and in the future.

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