Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Difference Between Bill Clinton and Harriet Miers

This AP article is ludicrious. Let me get this straight, a 60 some year old person is held accountable for the places her parents chose to send her to public school as a teenager?
"Harriet Miers spent her teens in an all-white high school far removed from the racial and social upheaval of the early 1960s, consumed instead with academics, tennis and even a stint as the school newspaper's assistant sports editor."
I don't know about you, but I'm not even 60 yet and I recall I never figured out where I would be at 60 when I was a teenager. I think daily life was a more important issue. I can just see it. The libs/Democrats figure a conversation something like this SHOULD have happened around a dining room table after dinner one night about 45-46 years ago: Harriet: "Dad, Mom, I'm concerned. One day, when George Bush nominates me for the Supreme Court bench, that where we are now living, in this way whitebread neighborhood, will significantly limit my understanding of the Constitution of the United States of America, because I haven't had to live in poverty, and amongst those people who are minorities. Can we move to a low income neighborhood, so I won't be denied my ultimate purpose as a lawyer?" Mr Miers: "Sure, we will get right on that. Tonight go up to your room and record this conversation in your diary and remember which one it's in, so you can save it for when you'll need to produce it for the Congressional Hearings in 2005. Also, put all your clothes and shoes on bags to donate to the Salvation Army. I'll take them there tomorrow instead of going to work, then I'll start looking for a house." Mrs Miers: (Says nothing, just beams with delight) Then consider Bill Clinton, who signed up for ROTC in order to avoid the Draft, but then withdrew, explaining in a letter that it might hurt his future political viability. Then don't forget, after a number of people vouched for the letter, it disappeared, just like the Rose Law Firm files in the 90's. So, there you have it: Bill Clinton was working "thoughtfully" towards a long term political life back as far as his college years. My analysis: Some people just live life, and some work their hardest to manipulate it (evidence: Bill and Hillary Clinton). My question on relevance of this this all: When does where you have lived make a difference in your ability to read the Constitution and determine how it applies? Unless the expectation is you will warp the interpretation based on your own life experiences, then it is an irrelevant issue. Judges are placed to read an interpret the law, not to create it, but then...just one more bit of firm evidence on the death of knowledge in this country, and I'm sure the NEA and every liberal is cheering for more ignorance..... Thanks to Mudville Gazette for the Open Post!

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