Thursday, October 27, 2005

This Could Be Interesting...

What will those scientists think up next? How about remote control for humans? I heard someone on one of the radio talk shows discussing this yesterday and it sounded interesting enough to look up. Later in the evening, it was on another talk show, and the editor of Christian Computing Magazine was talking about the technology. Beyond being able to have your spouse make you get up and take the garbage out, it's also being looked at as the method by which more realism could be added to simulators, in particular, PC gaming. By making you feel off balance, the sim program could provide the sensation of the movement of the vehicle, complete with the g force acceleration. I vote for use restricted to simulators, just to curb any impluse by spouses to control their partner.... When this comes around, then Neptunus Lex will know we really get what he's writing about in this serial web novel "Rhythms." Part XXXV, the most recent entry is here (in case you haven't been enjoying this fine work of digital literature).

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