Thursday, October 13, 2005

TQM and al-Queda

I know about TQM and "off-sites." They are special in their own way. Anyhow, it seems the Dr. Demming methodology has been adopted by the terrorists and al-Zarqawi reports he got a memo:
"Anyway, I’m in the middle of Xeroxing some ammonia nitrate receipts Friday morning, thinking about what I needed to pack for the weekend family trip to Damascus, when I get another memo: From: A. al-Zawahiri To: All Associates Subject: Mandatory Weekend Retreat"
It's worth the read, if for no other reason than to understand how universal the feeling are about some of the TQM driven meetings.... Oh, make sure the kiddies aren't shoulder surfing, and depending on where you work the memo might not be work safe, so plan accordingly before you click the link to get "the rest of the story." Hat tip to Little Green Footballs for the lead to IowaHawk. Thanks to Mudville Gazette for the Open Post opportunity!

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