Sunday, October 30, 2005

Every Self-Respecting Navy Guy Needs One of These

I spent last evening ravaging the magazine shelfs, reading several November issues. I enjoy CPU Magazine and look for that one first during my forays into Borders around the 20 something of the month. In the November issue of CPU, they had a short article on the Bionic Dolphin. No, it's not Flipper and Col. Austin merged, but a you can buy it (for $60K) real thing that will do about 55 mph on the surface and also do about 10 mph submerged. Two people sitting in tandem and it can boach the surface and slam back down and keep going. Update 11/1/2005: Bionic Dolphin on a trailer I'll have to start looking for a source of disposalbe income in that range. I feel the same as Capt Hiller (Will Smith) in "Independence Day." How about Subsunk and Chapomatic? Thing we can even talk Neptunus Lex into getting one? I think Skippy San could use one as the ultimate babe magnet in the far east, too. Of course, Cdr Salamander would need one... After a while, we'd have enough for a squadron, then we'd have to put someone in charge of operations. Hmmm...maybe not as much fun as I first figured. Thanks to Mudville Gazette for the Open Post!

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