Tuesday, November 08, 2005

As Paris Burns Once Again....

Day 12, and the rampant arson and violence continues AP reporter Christine Olliver tells us. Oh, but there is "good news" in this, provided from the people under attack:
"The intensity of this violence is on the way down," National Police Chief Michel Gaudin said, citing fewer attacks on public buildings and fewer direct clashes between youths and police. He said rioting was reported in 226 towns across France, compared with nearly 300 the night before.
Clue to Michel Gaudin, who must have some kind of degree in criminal justice (at least I'd hope, but this is a report about France): Sometimes the "enemy" (but you are afraid to call them that as they beat and burn your citizens who are "white") takes a tactical breather to regroup. I'd suggest the downward trend might be caused by them re-thinking the advantage they see. When you break thru the enemy lines in combat, you don't sit down, have a smoke and celebrate. You crank up the logistics and planning "engine" of your force and shove a lot of forces thru the gap to play havoc with the enemy. Maybe they are taking a night off to be able to plan how to gather more momnetum, based on the fact that they are rolling over the law enforcement and emergency services of Paris and nearby towns. After all the appeasement I have seen from the French Government, I'd think President Chirac would roll up his sleeves and voice his extreme displeasure with these rioters, who are actually no different from the masses we have seen on the news in the Palestinean rioting in the not too distant past, in support of terrorist organizations like Hamas. Somehow, even Chirac can't get up the guts to put them in thier place, instead he talks about how they haven't been accepted into the French society. Good going, Prez....let them know you're on their side and maybe they won't chop your head off when they break down the gates to your compound. Now, isn't that interesting? It seems something like this happened a few centuries back, but the purpose of that revolution was to advance liberty and get rid of the tyranny of the crown. How ironic. This revolution, played out, will destroy a democracy and replace it with a violent theocracy. On the other hand, Mohammed took his first handfull of followers out to pillage dessert caravans to obtain power and wealth and then his followers took their hunger for world domination all the way to Tours in about 100 hundred years. Now, the very same mechanism, of conversion and subjugation through violence is at work. A really nasty thing is to see just how large the "sleeper cells," not only in France, but across Europe and Scandanavian countries are, and I'm sure there was no OPPLAN laid out. As these youth, now pumped full of racial and religious hatred, and a world view that tells them to take over all, wake up to the call, I'm sure this is not missed as to the "unintended consequences" resulting from the open immigration policies that have been a part of the "multi-cultural" bandwagon for a few decades now in Europe. What might ehy look like in the States? After this, will law enforcement be able to "profile" for the purposes of public safety, or will we get in line with the ACLU and demand no one be suspected or searched because of their affiliation to a local mosque, where the imam preaches the overturning of the local and federal governments? In this New York Sun article, a hard truth is coming out from where I see things...IT's not about poverty, it is about mulsims, vs non-muslims. Wake up call to all you who didn't like it when President Bush said it was a "Holy War." When you enemy is defined not by the banner of some soveriegn nation, but pledges alliegence to Allah of the Islamic religion, what would you call it? OBL and his followers demand the deaths of the infidels not because we came and took their territory, but because we don't believe in Allah as the one and only God. Are they making themselves clear? Or: Are you who disagree unable to see that your life is also precious and shouldn't be snuffed out just because you won't follow someone else's belief structure? After all, that's the standard you have been demanding (and, by the way, receveiving) from Christians for some time now. I have yet to hear about Christian terrorists chopping off non -believer's heads, of physically harming them in other ways either. I fear the conquest of Europe, which has been on hold since 732, has recommenced, using armies of a stucture not seen before in history, and not covered well in international law. The issues of how to wage a war against your own citizens, who actually support a higher power than that of their own declared government, will, indeed, be a thorny one. It's time for a seriously radical paradigm shift, before the blood runs freely in the gutters. And while we are debating those issues, across the "Western" world, "they" won't be playing by our rules, put in place by our penchant to bow to the over-abundance of lawyers, but will be sizing up how to bring the Caliphate into a worldwide status. Just a few days ago, I thought there was room for optimism in the GWOT, but with this series of daily, increasingly violent, obviously theologically based riots in the center of Europe, I'm not feeling so good about my analysis. It is about religion: Us accepting theirs without compromise. Don't forget that and be ready to draw the line, for the enemy knows no bounds, nor are they will to accept any put on them.

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