Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I just know Greyhawk wants one....

Here Greyhawk expresses his discouragement at really neat stuff Neptunus Lex is giving out to those who donate to the Valour-IT Project in the name of Team Navy (who is now within less than $1000 of meeting their goal! Go Navy!). If you're reading this, Greyhawk Team, I suggest after you place your cash in Team Navy's pot, and Lex gets your USS RONALD REAGAN ball cap (with scrambled eggs, of course) to you, you might consider leading off your blog with this picture: MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! JUST DO IT, GH! (or Mrs GH can secretly donate and get it for a Christmas present for GH!) And now to add insult to injury, thanks for the Open Post at Mudville Gazette! (Note: Haloscan is really busy, so this isn't there yet to taunt my favorite USAF related bloggers, but trust me, I'll keep trying to get it there). Update 11/10/2005 0800 EST: Team Navy surges ahead by a few hundred $$$, AND HAS EXCEEDED THE GOAL OF $21,000!!!! Yes, we "slid in" behind Team Army (Great sprint at the end Army - BZ!) at the planned finish line, scoring a second home run for the wounded service members. Lets see if Team Army was in a short sprint yesteday, when they finally passed Team Navy, or if they have the "legs" (yes, pun intended, you dogfaces!) to saty in the race as long as it leasts. If you haven't donated to Valour-IT Project, please consider sending your funds via Team Air Force, or at least Team Marines, even if you love the Navy (or Army).

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