Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Valour-IT Project Challenge: Enter the Navy

Well, it looks like us squids have been caught out at sea in receive EMCON "A." No one had volunteered to lead the Navy effort to raise money for the Valour-IT project, which provides computers and software to our injured warriors (of all branches), so they can function by using voice activated technology. It's a quality of life issue, let alone serious morale issue. We have used technology to hunt down and destroy our enemies on the land, sea (on and under), and air. It's time we use that same advancement of science and technology to give the wounded a fighting chance to be normal, despite the physical disabilities. The donations go thru Soldier's Angels, which is a 503(c) organization. That group has done many more things than this for our service members. Scan Holly's site and see how you can help with other things she is workin on, too. The Army, Air Force and Marines are already moving out and we're looking pretty lame. Does it remind you of that feeling when you missed the last Liberty Boat back to the ship? Yep, lame.... Someone may have beat me too the duty to handle this, but if not, I'm on it.... Update: Get over to The Indepundit (LCDR Smash's blog), where his wife is leading the charge for the Navy team. Pass the word.

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