Monday, November 21, 2005

A Different Take on "Cut and Run"

Just a little over-analysis but, you're here now... "Cut and Run" - Democratic Strategic Plan. Brilliant in it's use of few words, so the kids of the country that aren't getting a quality education can hope to follow along (thank you, NEA). Also, Marlene Caroselli would approve, I'm sure. I like to divide their words and expose what it really means: "Cut" the head off of Nick Berg and Christian school girls. If you can, cut off President Bush's head before a world audience, if you can get so lucky as to have the Democrats take over the nation. This, dear people, is what the Democrats are afraid to discuss, but, they have nailed the enemy's strategy. "Run" away like the frightened knights in Monty Python's "Holy Grail." This is what the the non-courageous do when faced with a tough job. That would be the strategy of the Democrats. Here is what it sounds like in practical application. And now, I can hardly wait to here this as a result of my commentary....

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