Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Russian Astrologer Sues NASA Over Deep Impact Mission

Levity break.... What will the moonbats think of next? category. A Russian astrologer sues NASA over Deep Impact Mission. She is concerned about the impact causes problems out in the universe....and she is demanding $300M in damages. I wonder just where she will spend it? The Cafe at the End of the Universe? The Great Galactic Preserve? I dunno, I think she's just going to pocket it. Actually, as an astrologer, she should know exactly what's going to happen as a result. Maybe now she can afford to call one of those psychic hotline 900 numbers and stay on long enough to record the details of the future of the world now.... I'm with Hugh Hewitt's guest today (not sure who it was), who said he's sure the impact nudged the comet into a trajectory where it will fall to earth on top of the Iranian Reactor, which really make our adversaries sit up and take notice as to how good an "aim" we have with something traveling about 23K MPH a whole lot of miles away...what a great OPDEC plan we pulled off, huh? Musta been the fine oriental bamboo used in those rocket scientists' slide rules that made it all so slick...:) And, in case this all didn't at least get a smirk out of you, I just found this Bush Evil Scorecard. I'd say Wage Slave is using too much of the bosses time to read too many newspaper articles, or he(she?) is just plain over the edge, full blown OCD...not to mention never have been introduced to "truth." (Don't leave home without it - Heck, don't do anything without it!)

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