Friday, July 01, 2005

"I'd Still Do It... Here's Why"

A young woman has chosen to take a path to a military career out of high school. Here's her new blog, Politics of a Patriot, which is still new enough that you can catch up on all of her writing very quickly. If you read it all, you'll see her decision was cemented with the death of her cousin, LCpl Jerimiah Kinchen, USMC last year. She put up a site to help get stuff to the men he served with in the 4th Marine Recon. What really caught my eye was her sharing "I'd still do it," and it's posts like this that give me hope for the future of this country and the world. She certainly doesn't fit the media's mold of being part of a culture of entitlement. Check her blog out... Thanks for the open link, Mudville Gazette!!

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