Friday, July 15, 2005

A Story Within a Story - Heroism Times 2

I'm glad to see Grey Eagle of A Female Soldier back again. I say back, because I was regularly reading the blog of this 35 YO mother who enlisted in the Army because she wanted to do something for her country. I really have to admire a peson that old, an especially someone with plenty of real world considerations to not volunteer, who just puts up their right hand and then makes sure she'll be carrying a serious responsibility along in the midst of the fighting. A few months back, my link quit working to her blog. I was afraid she had decided with the upper level scrutiny that she just packed it in rather than register her "place of business." She's back at the link above. This morning, a picture with the caption "Charlie's Angels" (three female medics assigend to C Company) cuaght my eye. By clicking on each of their names below the picture, you get a one page story about them. All three are good reads. More real world input to who is making us safe and what they do. The one for Sgt. Angela Magnuson had something very impressive in it in the form of the testimony of a dying man. Not his words, but his actions.
"His name was Spc. James Holmes. But to those who knew him, he was affectionately called "Tugboat" because he was a large man who would pull his load and then some."
While Sgt Magnuson tried to bandage his wounds from an IED attack, he was pulling more than his fair share, by helping her help him, despite being mortally wounded. I invite you to take a few minutes and read about one more hero who is no longer here, but sets a fine example for those of us left behind. Thanks to Mudville Gazette Open Posts!

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