Thursday, June 30, 2005

"SCAPA" - A New Acronym...

The Supreme Court of the United States (hereinafter referred to as "SCOTUS") recently considered the question of whether a governmental entity could extend the power of "eminent domain" (hereinafter referred to as "ED") to include the taking of private property for "public use" as set forth in the Constitution of the United States Fifth Amendment could also cover "public good" situations, specifically in terms of razing a property to make way for some commercial development that would generate more tax revenue. I discussed some of my thoughts on this decision, as to why I think the alignment of who was on the majority side in this post a few days back... SCOUTUS handed down a 5-4 decision saying a local government could in fact confiscate your property, agsint your wishes, in order to place a more (tax wise) profitable establishment in it's palce. Most of you know this already. I propose a new term to be used to describe this confiscation: "SCAPA" - Supreme Court Authorized Property Acquisition. Use: "I just had my family's home of three generations taken by a SCAPA action." Use it often, so others can realize when govenments use ED, then you know to think of those fun justices at SCOTUS that brought you this confiscation act... and...ending on this note, see what some people are scrambling to do, because they can! I think there must be at least four other residences that could be bulldozed to provide more tax revenues, too... "It's always dangerous to set a precedent, for you never know when you'll have to live by it." - Me, 1988. Thanks to Mudville Gazette Open Posting!

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