Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Little Help Here! I'm Looking for "Snipes"

Once again, I have the urge to dredge up some old history of how the Navy "works." I need some background on how things like Engineering Operating Sequencing System (EOSS) and Personnel Qualification System (PQS) stuff came to be. Being a "shoe," I have had my fair share of exposure, beginning in the latter part of the 70's, with PQS first. I also recall the Engineer on MILWAUKEE being very pleased we would be the first "non-combatant" to get EOSS. He had one of those cheshire cat grins, for this was partly due to his "maneuverings." None the less, EOSS and the Opperational Propulsion Plant Exam (OPPE) were still fairly new "beasts" for us surface guys. As a Department Head, the Engineer specifically, I got a close up and personal view of EOSS, and a healthy dose of PQS that had to be done right. I'm looking for any old "snipes" that may have been around the waterfront, or aboard combatants in the early to mid-70s, who may know some of the history behind the development of both PQS and EOSS. I know you submariner types, spurred on by your sea daddy, have had procedures like EOSS for a lot longer than us shoes. As a result, I suspect you may know of some cross over of the process from beneath the waves, to the surface. So, any of your Navy people with sea stories, anecdotal evidence, or knowledge of the real facts of the history of EOSS and/or PQS, I'd appreciate you either leaving a comment and hopefully an email address where I can get ahold of you.

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