Thursday, June 02, 2005

Thunder Six is back in Iraq......

I have regularly commented on the quality of the writing ability of a junior Captain in Iraq with the 365 and a Wakeup. He's returned to Iraq after his "environmental" leave ("R&R") and has a post up that talks to several things of great importance. READ THIS! 1) Note how a man who has seen the horrors of battle can write magnificantly about the beauty of nature. 2) Read carefully his thoughts on the clinical nature of the reporting of the day's battles by someone who is dressed to the 9s in a nice TV studio, safe in the arms of freedom. He communicates the contrast well... 3) If you want to see what not only our young troops and NCOs/Officers, as well as the maturing Iraqi Army, are doing in battle, he tells of an ambush. It's not so much his words directly that tell the best part of the story, but the things not said, but implied by the report. Imagine being caught in an ambush...bad juju. They react tactically, but..imagine that the tactic of hiding behind the innocent is part of the equation of this cowardly enemy and the rounds are inbound to you. I'm in awe of the quick thinking that had to go on by these troops, as they fought back in defense, not only of themselves, but that of the people who were being used as human shields. Men were wounded, and you have to wonder, how many took rounds and shrapnel, because they chose to minimize "collateral damage" at risk to themselves? Brave men, brave women and Iraqis who see a future, are making these decisions in milliseconds, decisions that put themselves at greater risk, so as not to hurt someone who also is hoping for a future. Another "Greatest Generation" in the making I believe...and these same people will one day work in "regular" jobs here and in the Middle East, using that same refined decision making practice for far better things. I think the future is bright (where did I put my shades?).

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