Saturday, June 04, 2005

We Sunk the Kursk? Oh, Yeah....Chapomatic was Bored

Oh, now this is classy....US sunk Kursk. Yep, and a Navy Cruiser, off the coast of Long Island, was doing a MISSILEX at night, with no range safety assets, and just needed a target to give the crew something to do...and the CO convinced the entire crew to not say a word...ever....or they would be buried in the sands of Iraq, with their families by Saddam Hussein. Were these people dropped on their heads at birth? When will it end? Apologies to Chap...he's just my favorite bubblehead blogger...and I needed an example. Update: Chap does a fine job of providing what MK-48 ADCAP damage really looks like...and, as Yankee Sailor notes, pics like this scare us surface guys...

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