Tuesday, June 28, 2005

"Excuse Me, Sen Durbin, Your Lack of Courtesy is Showing"

I found the below article via a Daily Read Board entry by Yankee Sailor. Here it is. Peachy!
"Durbin Offers Vets Apology for Remarks Email this Story Jun 25, 11:12 PM (ET) By JAN DENNIS PEORIA, Ill. (AP) - U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin apologized to war veterans Saturday for his remarks earlier this month comparing interrogators at an American-run prison camp in Cuba to Nazis and other historically infamous regimes."
I guess Dick Durbin thinks we fell off the cabbage truck yesterday, but does anyone else notice something completely disingenuous here?
""I think when you've done something hurtful to people you have to stand up and say I'm sorry," Durbin said at a Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Peoria, five days after he apologized for the comments on the Senate floor."
Clue for Senator Durbin: You got that right, but what you got wrong is: (Oh how I wish Sam Kinison was here right now and I could record him saying this) "WRONG PLACE, WRONG TIME, SENATOR DURBIN!" Maybe Sneator Durbin should have listened more closely to the words spoken in the 2004 Presidential Campaign.... Why did you go to the VFW in Illinois to apoligize? Did you say anything on the floor of the Senate about how Americans service members in WWII, Korea, Vietnam or GWI acted like Nazis, or did I really miss the "revised and extended comments" you guys always make and pretend like you said something on the floor of the Senate Chamber, when you really never said it to any audience? (Back to Sam Kinison initaion) "IT WAS THE MEN AND WOMEN AT GTMO YOU INSULTED AND THEY ARE IN GTMO, HAVING FECES THROWN AT THEM, WITH TERRORISTS THREATENING TO KILL THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES, WHILE YOU HAVE A BEER WITH PEOPLE YOU DIDN'T INSULT!" I'd really like to know, after all the "trips" you have taken on my tax dollars, Senator Durbin, why you couldn't pick up the phone and ask for the United States Air Force to pick you up and fly you to Camp X-Ray, so you could humble yourself before the men and women who have shown remarkable restraint, unlike you, in the performance of their duties? You know they would have done that for you, despite their personal feelings. Our Air Force, like their Army MP counterparts at GTMO are professionals.
"Initially, Durbin refused to apologize, but he relented as the firestorm over his remarks continued."
Yep, and so for my Kinisonion "WRONG TIME!" comment. Five days later? Did your staff sheild you from the reality of what the outcome of your actions on the Senate Floor, or did you plan to have it simmer in the public view for this long, to make sure it's toxicity saturated deep enough?
"Durbin received a standing ovation from most of the crowd after his speech Saturday. Charlie Brimm, 55, said Durbin's comments upset veterans, but most think his apologies are sincere. "It took a pretty big man to come up in front of a veterans group after the comments he made just a week or so before," said Brimm, a former state VFW commander and Army veteran of the Vietnam War."
Open comment to Mr. Charlie Brimm: Thank you for your service to our nation, but please do not accept what is not yours to take credit for. I think it took a lesser man to come before you, than to stand in the very presence of those he defamed before the world. By your acknowledgement of his "apology," you give Senator Durbin a false seal of approval he will use to excuse his egregious behavior. You, sir, have been used for his political gain. I think you would have done more service to this country, to compliment your past service, by holding your applause and directing a comment to the speaker such as this: "We veterans here in Peoria cannot accept this apology. It is not our place to do so. We were not there, we did not have a hand in the situation of which you spoke of on the floor of the Senate. We do know where the people are who are owed your words in person. They are our brothers and sisters in arms, across the ages, connected by the common experience of service to this country while wearing the uniform of the Armed Forces. Those who you have spoken ill of are stationed at Camp X-Ray, Gauntanamo Bay, Cuba. Go there and stand in their presence and apologize." Clue for the clueless: If you wrong someone, go to them and make amends. Surrogates are not acceptable if you are sincere. If you are using surrogates, then it's clear what your motivation has been... Thanks to Mudville Gazette's open posting!

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