Thursday, June 16, 2005

How Senator Durbin Defamed the Torturers of the Past.

Over on Right Thinking Girl, there is (another) "debate series" going on. The regulars include some very well read and spoken people, but, as the case is in the wonderous land of the 1st Amendment, it gets "sporting." If you desire to join in, I'm sure the wealth of understanding anyone else may bring would add to the debate. Of course, Senator Durbin was a topic today. It's the comments that are the main show on Right Thinking Girl's blog.... I'm posting a teaser remark, which is my response to Karen: "Karen; [this following quote from Karen] "...The senator is saying "This treatment of *detainees*, if you didn't know it was an American force doing it, at first blush would be the work of a totalitarian regime (such as Hitler's, Pol Pot's, etc)."[end of quote] Nah...if any one of Hitler's old buds, or Pol Pot's cronies came along to comment here, I suspect they would be launghing their butts off, thinking our troops were a bunch of rank amateurs compared to them. In fact, once they got over wiping the tears from their eyes and took a breath, I'm convinced they actually would exceptionally insulted. Given that scenario, then they could come and get ACLU lawyers and begin proceedings against the US Congress for damaging their "self esteem" by comparing them to guyw who held the Koran's of the enemy with clean white gloves, and "like a delicate piece of art." They could shop the case around to find the best district to place it in, preferably one in the jurisdiction of the 9th Circuit. This would then cost the taxpayers untold millions being paid out (unbudgeted, I might add) for pain and suffering. Thank you, far less than brilliant Senator for opening your mouth before you thought. Then the class action suits to follow.... But, finally, when it was all said and done, They would be seething in anger, for the "sensitive guys" won and are in a position of power, and not those who have abused thier own people and those around them in such ways that would turn the stomach of any American service member. Put yourself in the shoes of those Sen Durbin defamed by his intemperate speech...." Here's the link to the party...come on in, there are some liberals in the pool already.... Thanks to the Mudville Gazette for the open posts!

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