Friday, June 24, 2005

GTMO Exercise plan

Bad news. I fear we are harming the "detainees" in GTMO Camp X-Ray. It seems they have put on an average of 18 ponds during their torture. Here's the scary part: Will they come back and sue the US Govenrment in civil court for clogging their arteries with the stuff we eat, which will cause them to suffer from heart disease? I was posting a comment elsewhere and it occured to me we have taken away their main source of exercise: Dodging JDAMs raining down from above. What an exercise program we made for those trying to kill us. Think of the cadio workout you get, when you are roused from sound sleep (on the floor of your cave) to run like crazy from the sound of impacting 250, 500 and 750 (and possibly 1000)lb MK 80 series bombs rigged with GPS guidance systems. That surely has to keep the arteries clear of any plaque build up. We can't really offer and easy alternative for this form of exercise, because the people on Puerto Rico got enough support to close down the range at AFWTF on Vieques Island. That's reasonably close to GTMO, yet still is OUTCONUS. We could have shuttled the "detainees" over about once a week, or all the time when a carrier battle group was working up for cruise. The "detainess" could have the run of the island during these fleet exercises, and have plenty of practice for this new skill set. The best part for the "detainees" is they wouldn't have to sign any long term contracts, wondering how soon before the Government would sell the "exercise area" and sell it to competitors, and reopen it under a new name, and demand new membership. No fees either. We would just be nice to not bill them for each month. Just call it a gift from the American (compassionate) taxpayer... The next closer spot may be Avon Park near central FLorida, but then we'd have the ACLU trying to kidnap the helpless detainees.....

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