Thursday, June 09, 2005

The International Freedom Center?????

There is a move afoot to place a center at Ground Zero that will present a wide variety of things that the American culture has done poorly at handling, and the details are covered in many editorials, such as one on the 911 Families Website and Michelle Malkin's site. I picked up on this from several sources, but used a link from Mudville Gazette to find a defense of this shameful idea. In it, there is a link to a repsonse in the Wall Street Jounral to the uproar by Richard Tofel, the President for the organization who is championing this idea. Wonderful logic on which even Tofel missed the irony of his defense of smearing America by saying this:
"Ground Zero is precisely the right place to make this stand and leave a legacy for our children and generations to come. No less than Abraham Lincoln told us so, and at no less a place than Gettysburg. One hundred and forty-two years later, many Americans remember what was done there,...
I firmly believe the National Park at Gettysburg only memorializes the battle tah happened there. While I haven't been there, I have been to Antietam several times, and noted no museums documenting the internment of the Japanese Americans, nor or of even something as topical as Andersonville. I have stood on the USS ARIZONA, and saw no attribution to any other events, just the single attack of December 7th, 1941. Using his own logic, the center should be exclusive to what happened on 9/11/2001, for the World Trade Center Twin Towers, before that day, were merely well designed pieces of architecture not unlike many other steel, glass and concrete marvels around the World. They had not yet had their inanimate struture washed in the human blood of innocent people who went there to work that day, which is all we as people revere, the lives of others, not the physical builings we have. Recommendation to Mr. Richard Tofel: Find somewhere else to put up your monument, like, let's say maybe in Tianimin Square....Leave this hallowed ground for those who pershied on 9/11/2001.

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