Thursday, June 09, 2005

Time for a name change: The "HBM"

It seems daily as though the (what we refer to in the blogosphere with great regularity) "Main Stream Media" (MSM) loses ground, for their "journalism" has just become pretty blatant editorializing, but, without much "investigation." Maybe they have just lost their identity and are seeking where their niche has gone to. They strike me as shifting away from being journalists, but not achieving a goal of being investigative reporters. Well, maybe I could give them that they can adequately handle consumer complaints about not getting a proper service job on an AC unit, but the bigger picture of the important geopolitical landscape seems to escape them. Mostly, the content of the stories leave out significant factual information, while other stories are completely ignored. In doing the "censoring" of the "product" being "packaged" to put the most money in their stockholders (or owner's) pockets, the world view leans heavily towards hate, violence and other disgusting things, but you all knew that... Therefore, I suggest a new name for the "MSM:" "Has Been Media," or "HBM" for short. One day, when the go back to school and, once more comprehend the purpose of a journalist is to report the facts on both sides, maybe they will be worth paying attention to once more. Comments?

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