Tuesday, June 21, 2005

"Excuse Me, But I Think I See Your Hypocricy Showing..."

BFOs...I just had one about the end of the work day. That's a "blinding flash of the obvious." Just to toss a little more fuel on the Dick Durban fire, but I think it's legit. What used to be the wonderful slogan the Democrats held up in our faces during the 2004 campaign and many times since then? Yep, it came back to me today... "We don't support the war, but we support "OUR" troops." HHHHmmmmmmm...I think it was merely slick campaigning, grasping for a few more votes that drove that line of their two faced antics. First off, as I typed that, I choke on the fact they even have the gall to call them "our" troops. If they were your troops, and I'm speaking to the Democrats, you'd prove you cared for them by your actions, not your words, or in this case, by not using such words as Dick Durban did. There it is, without a lot more analysis. The Democrats say whatever it takes to get a vote, and this is proof positive. No one who supports our troops would have ascribed the bad actions of a very, very few, to all the rest of them. It's even harder to comprehend that this comes from a man with a law degree. I guess the rules of evidence only apply when you're in court. On the other hand, I seem to recall that the Congress is exempt from being sued for slander/libel. Very nice perk of that office, don't you think? They demand military and governmental leaders who are fully accountable for each and every action they take, yet they seem resistant to apply this rule to their own lives. It also bothers me to hear talk show hosts and their guests, discussing how "I know Senator XXXX personally, and he's a great guy" and we all know that "great guy" is spouting off like a moron. Some one said Ted Kennedy is a great guy at a party, very personable. Great, just what we need, acceptance of a blatantly two-faced personality in charge of decision making... Congressman Drubin, your hypocrisy is showing...

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