Monday, June 20, 2005

Desert Sky - Movie Review

Desert Sky: The Untold Story of the 159th Avaiation Brigade in Iraq is available on DVD. My copy came in Friday's mail. I watched if Saturday afternoon, when I had no distractions to deal with. It is a well done film, which is a documantary of the people of the 159th and their tour in Iraq. What you won't see is combat action footage. What you will see, is the humanity that makes up our armed forces. You see humorous, despite the circumstances, moments, for instance, every one in the large tent holding onto to something to keep "the roof over their head" intact in a raging windstorm. You see sad moments when the Brigade honors the fallen. The backdrop of these people on the front lines is the places they went, and what they did there, so from a military history viewpoint, there is some meat here. You see sandstorms and their aftermath, in both wreakage, and cucoons on large peices of exepensive military equipment. There are some aerial scenes, but mostly this is a story of men and women making things work, in thier own words, and from the camera's view point. I recommend it highly. The proceeds are going to the scholarship fund for the children of the soldiers who have fallen. I commend Eric Simon for his excellent work in bringing us living history. Eric has his own blog, which was kept while he served with the 159th in country. Thanks to Mudville Gazette for the open posting!

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