Monday, December 27, 2004

Someone "gets it" over there

I caught the tail end of the 12/23/04 re-broadcast of the Rush Limbaugh Show this past weekend, and he was busy reading an opinion editorial from Razi Azmi in Bangladesh. Is seems this man actual understands, against all the MSM has told you about how hated we are, that the World, is in fact, a safer place today as a result of the War on Terror and our presense in Iraq. Here's how Razi begins his editorial: "I can definitely live with Bush as US president — or as the world’s sole policeman — for eight years or longer, but would hate to spend even eight days under the Taliban’s theocracy, Saddam’s dictatorship or a regime of Ayatollahs. I have a strong feeling that the vast majority of people everywhere feel the same way." I agree. I also suspect, as does this writer, that even those of you who claim to be against the War, wouldn't volunteer to live as he described, would you? Read this so you may know there are other intelligent voices who see what is happening and can analyze how it affects the region and the world in general.

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