Monday, December 20, 2004

Speaking of powerful words...

A few years back, I mentioned a book of great speeches I had just seen in the bookstore, to a friend of mine who commented he'd love to get a copy of it. This Christmas season was ripe for me to provide that to him as a gift. I thought it was out of print, but was pleasantly surprised when the computer at Borders told me it was "In Store." "Lend Me Your Ears" complied and edited by William Safire is the book. This post is to tease you to come back later and see what jewels of wisdom that would do us good to revisit and pass a long in this time. I read a few of them and made some notes, which I plan on posting here for your reading pleasure. The first one I turned to was one by Theodore Roosevelt, which was given about the Spanish American War. It was a direct parallel to our situation today, and with minor editing, could be given by President Bush today. There are others that spoke to today as well as then and it humbled me, to know why I'm not one of those great leaders. I couldn't come up with brilliant stuff like they did. Come back, Y'all!

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