Tuesday, December 21, 2004

We think we are so unique in our circumstances - or - what Adalai Stevenson said at the end of the election in 1952

Adalai Stevenson lost to President Eisenhower in the 1952 election. As an obivious parallel to us today, a Republican won, the Democrat lost. How could the Democratic party benefit from these words, as Adalai stepped out of the public's eye: Adalai Stevenson’s concession speech – 11/5/52: “It is traditionally American to fight hard before an election. It is equally traditional to close ranks as soon as the people have spoken.” “We vote as many, but we pray as one. With a united people, with faith in democracy, with common concerns for others less fortunate around the globe, we shall move forward with God’s guidance toward the time when his children shall grow in freedom and dignity in a world at peace.” We can only hope and pray the Democrats come to understand how powerful this set of principles is.

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