Thursday, December 30, 2004

Vet offers to make memorial pictures for families

I found this on my early evening search and destroy a cup of coffee mission at Borders (aka the "pay for library") this evening. I think this info should be passed on to the many we know who have suffered from the loss of a family member. From Leatherneck, the December 2004 edition, there is a letter from a Vietnam Vet offering to create memorial pictures of deceased service members for their families at no cost.
My cousin, Sergeant Ron Baum, gave his life in the service of our country a few months ago in Iraq. In memory of his courage and devotion to family and nation it produced this image from photos taken at his graveside. I am a Vietnam veteran from 1969 and work as a computer artist. If you knows any other family that would like this type of tribute, I would be grateful to make similar artwork at no charge to the family of any fallen military personnel as my way of giving thanks and honor. I would send jpeg images to the families. Sgt. Baum’s family expressed great appreciation. CPT Frederick W. Greenawalt, USA (RET), , Akron, PA

The picture he did and that was shown next to the letter to the Editor was of deceased in dress blues above an image of a Marine squad firing the 21 gun salute. It was tasteful presented and very well done artisitically.

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