Saturday, December 17, 2005

And the "Value" of the Press is Proven

It's hard these days to see how the MSM seems to have singlehandedly bought into the destruction of the western cultures of this planet. More evidence of how major stories have no fact checking, yet "they" (the "PROFESSIONAL" jounalists) think bloggers are a bunch of idiots who make things up. I'd say the major news media is showing us how to fabricate something out of nothing, but more and more, not by accident or inexperience, but out of sheer maliciousness. Follow this link I found on Little Green Footballs the discusses the fabricated story that has launched a thousand suicide bombers (I'm not sure of the number, but was using a paraphase of a commonly heard statment to make a metaphorical point). The Islamic culture may have had it's moments of brilliance over a millenium ago, but what's the point to hanging onto that, when the rest of the world has used the math and astronomy to move well beyond the ancient world of slavery of women and non-believers? Get a grip, people, and especially you left wing proponents of Islam. It's time for a reform in that religion, before it kills far too many of us, so a few can be in paradise with Allah. How selfish is that? You have to die, so one of them can get a personal reward. Great plan. Sounds like the liberals who demand more and more for themselves, until it cripples and collaspes a society. Scan through the writings of Fjord Man get a feel for how liberals handing out everything to everyone is producing a violent, brutal culture, fueled by massive immigrations of those from the middle east, with Islam as their primary belief structure. It is a glimpse of the future, and the MSM is not telling any one about it. From one of my earlier posts, here is some info I picked up from the man who ended up indicating the press was here to tell you what the government was doing:
During the Q&A period, Eugene went on to comment that "we must have newspaper journalism" for "we tell you what the Government is doing." He made these remarks with great emphasis, as though he viewed the government as something to be consistently under suspicion. In doing a little research tonight, as I cleaned up this post, I found Eugene Patterson was the Washington Post editor when the Pentagon Papers were published. I’d certainly say it was his passion to be an agent of change in our society.
The MSM is so busy reporting on the goevrment, they can't find time to tell us what else is happening, besides maybe in the sports world. Somehow, a religion that was formed upon a base of violence, has become the darling of the politically correct crowd. A little contrast: Christianity began with one man and 12 disciplies, with the primary operational directive of "love your neighbor as yourself." It didn't designated who culture, skin color, religious affiliation or gender they might be. Islam began with a man who also started with 12 disciples, and they were run out of town and then resorted to growing their religion by raiding desert caravans and, you guessed it, demanded loyalty via conversion to Islam, or death. Update 12/19/2005: these comments from a post today (12/19/2005) over on Little Green Footballs discusses the very issues I'm trying to communicate above. So, all you left over "flower children" of the 60 and 70's, who know walk the halls of power and wept over the anniversary of John Lennon's brutal murder a few days back, I want to know if you even believe your own musically induced philosphy: "All you need is love?" If that's the case, I'd suggest you get on board and do something about your heroic freedom fighters, and get them on board, too. Read this and consider the words of a wise man (entire speech here):
The idea that one person’s "terrorist" is another’s "freedom fighter" cannot be sanctioned. Freedom fighters or revolutionaries don’t blow up busses containing noncombatants; terrorist murderers do. Freedom fighters don’t set out to capture and slaughter schoolchildren; terrorist murderers do. Freedom fighters don’t assassinate innocent businessmen or hijack and hold hostage innocent men, women and children; terrorist murderers do. It’s a disgrace that democracies would allow the treasured word "freedom" to be associated with the acts of terrorists. - Senator Henry Jackson
Anyhow, the LGF story link got me going, but it' s merely an sypmtom of the danger facing us. We didn't ge to where we are by hding from adversity, and we won't hang around if we shy away fro it. /rant off

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