Friday, December 23, 2005

Maybe Neptunus Lex Can Learn to Drive a HMMVV...

Another interesting video.. When aviators get too old to fly and can't do this or this anymore, but can still keep their driver's license for the earth bound thingys, maybe they can do this. Surface Launched AMRAAM (AIM-120) in action. More SLAMRAAM info here. Pretty good idea for reuse of dollars already spent! Just as a note, there is (obviously) lots of interesting info at Defense Update, such as backpack UAVs for urban ops. Next: Where was the ORDO when this stuff was stored? Ah, left over ordnance and the fun EOD can have... Ask Matt @ Black Five what this might feel like, if you are one of the "participants." If you're more a fan of rotary wing stuff, try this video...and crank the volume up! Lots of Army birds represented here. See the vacuousness of the insurgency in Iraq. How about a little flying limbo, as in How low can you go? Or, maybe the pilot really dislikes the media. Something for the Redlegs out there. By the way, the site has been renamed to Break.Com.

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