Monday, December 05, 2005

"DOH!" Moment of the Day - 9/11 Commission Says We're Not Ready

In this AP story, we are treated to the hallowed, omniscient members of the 9/11 Commission telling us we aren't ready for another terrorist attack. Homer seems to not only be working for the AP, but I suspect he's also a staffer for the 9/11 Commission, based on the report and the report of the report.
They say the government deserves "more F's than A's" in responding to their 41 suggested changes.
Did you catch the "their 41 suggested changes?" In other words, unless we absolutely do what the omnicient Commission suggests, then we can't be, by (their) definition, making any headway.... First of all, I think that's pretty short sighted of them, because they are fundimentally treating thier "suggestions" as demands. The 9/11 Commission Report was not a set of laws passed by Congress and signed by the President into law. These people need to get a grip on having their way, versus living in the real world. Oh, yes, this whine is brought to you by the same people who covered for Jamie Gorelick's intentional barricading of intelligence data from being passed between the Defense Department and the FBI. To this day, that issue has not been addressed to the public, nor had a special investigation committee seated to discover why we had found the 9/11 terrorists, yet were not able to take action on the information gathered by the Able Danger Project. Yep, I can believe them to try and protect us, with all their demonstrated rejection of the information the was on the plate months before the 9/11 attacks happened...NOT! On the other hand, the recent hurricane season highlighted our ability to determine the Federal Government is incapable of doing anything. I see this as just one more change for people to raise not completely unfounded complaints to the level of sheer idiocy. I began drafting a post back in October titled "We Can Fix It, But YOu're Not Going to Like It," which would suggest the military style of managing and solving problems, such as extreme weather and terroriam, can have the effects lessened, but how we get there will be 1) expensive (bad enough by itself) and 2) interusive beyound comprehension for thos living in a free nation as to how much personal freedom would be lost. I guess it's time to get back to it. Based on 1) not scaring the public and 2) not wanting to let the enemy how successful we are agains their fellow jihadists, I will take on faith that honest, headworking people are on the front lines of domestic security working very hard everyday to keep me, and you safe, doing successful things in the war on terror. I'm sure the latest comments from the 9/11 Commision members that were the catalyst for this post have some validity, but right now, it seems like political posturing, and little more....and that's my opinion. For additional reading: Here's my thoughts on opinions... Thanks to Little Green Footballs for the Open Thread!

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