Friday, December 02, 2005

Thank You, Jack Murtha and Your Party

An open letter to Congressman Murtha: Many years ago, I noted an article in the Naval Institute's magazine, "Proceedings," written by a submariner. His thesis was: Just because you are in the Navy, and on a Joint Staff, it certainly doesn't qualify you to answer questions from non-Navy people as though you are an expert at every facet of the Naval Service. In simple terms: Know when to say "I'm not sure, let me call someone who's an expert in that field to get you a good answer." With all due respect to your current elected position, Sir, I believe you spoke "out of school." I invite you to begin consulting with experts in the field of strategic, political/military issues before you feel the urge to make top level national plans for our international policy. And, when you feel the urge to speak about "worn out" things, find a group of intelligent logisticians and LISTEN to them. The Marines have some excellent supply types, and they may be amoung your former shipmates. Give them a call and ask their professional assessment. My thank you is actually not that. It's a point of being sarcastic, for your comments are not only causing a degree of discomfort amoung our service members, but it now is being trumpeted around the world, and a cause for a big discussion as to whether our allies should stay in the fight, or to "cut and run," before we can "bag it" and beat them out of Dodge City. Take a look at this report from AP. Note this thoughtful comment by the writer:
"The vibrations of unease from within the United States clearly have an impact on public opinion elsewhere," said Terence Taylor of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in Washington. "Public opinion in many of these countries is heavily divided."
I would invite you to view this report as a repudiation of the Democratic position that we went alone into this war, disregarding the possible help available. I ask you this: If we went this one alone, and didn't allow the World community in, then how can other countries possibly be considering the withdrawal of their troops? Just because France and Russia choose not to come along certainly didn't mena no one else did. Quit deleting facts from reality until your personal, political goals are supported. I ask you to be honest. I will say a heartfelt thank you, sir, for helping to convert previously apathetic young men and women from apolitical people into Republicans by your your demonstrated disrespect for those wearing the same uniform you did for so many years. I recall a time when it was fashionable to cut each other down in your own unit, but there was hell to pay if someone came along and poked fun, or worse, at your shipmates, for the bond between you was not to be broken or taken advantage of by any outsiders. I feel you violated the trust of not only the Marines, past, present and future, but of all who have stepped up and worn the uniform, or will. In summary, your remarks have put you on the World's stage. While it may feel good for a few weeks, and maybe win you a few seats in Congress in 2006, it has the potential to leave those from other countries to face the wrath of those who would "cut (your head off) and run (into the shadows and caves)." History shows, particularly in Germany, you make the society peaceful by dealing with the "insurgency" in a logical manner: you hold them accountable, as Jeff Herf points out in his artcle on HNN. In SE Asia, we did not, and the aftermath in the area was fratricide in Cambodia on a huge scale, where the best and brightest were particurly chossen for extermination, as well as those who might influence that society into thinking for itself. Similar things happened in South Vietnam after 1975, when many of the Viet Cong were placed in "reeducation camps," right alongside their ARVN counterparts, for the North Vietnamese felt their exposure to capitalism, regardless of their desire to support the Communist idelas, was dangerous in the reforming of the society. I respectfully ask you consider your words more carefully, and you elevate truthfulness to a main priority in your quest of understanding any issues before you.

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