Friday, December 09, 2005

It's Getting So Bad, Even Those Against the War Are Commenting...

I found this in the comments on Little Green Footballs by nextmike in a post about the Iranian President saying Iran would work towards creating it's own nuclear fuel sources (an interesting read in itself):
I attended an event in SF tonight that featured 4 panelists fresh from duty in Iraq. You know what they all said (including the woman who runs Veterans Against the War!)? They said that the relentless negative spin from the press has a negative impact on troop morale and only encourages the insurgents. The Veterans Against War woman admitted that watching CNN was the worst possible thing for troop morale and that it painted a very innaccurate picture. No different than most of our modern day Democrats who couldn't give a flying f#ck so long as they can score political points. And wouldn't you know it...tonight, watching the local TV news, the station focused on the most negative topic of the discussion (poor equipment), interviewed an anti-war veteran who wasn't even on the panel and closed with a theme of defeatism - quite the opposite of the tone the panelists set. But you wouldn't know it unless you were there. I saw the bias with my own eyes. Courageous soliders - women, men, blacks and hispanics who believe in their mission and know that they are doing good work. But the Left and their allies are clearly trying their best to undermine morale, whether they know it or admit to it. It makes me damn furious!
The event that the commenter is discussing above Amazing. Even the Veterans Against the War rep said this all hurts the troops. Is that a glimmer of hope for the coming days?

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