Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Army Infantry Life vs Civilian Life

I lifted this quote from a recent post on Airborne Hog Society. It's classic...
I have worked in the civilian world in rural, suburban, and urban areas. I have gone to college in Alabama - in the buckle of the Bible belt - and in the heart of Boston, which is just about the exact opposite. I have lived in small towns, suburbs, and cities. There are no better people to live with, talk with, befriend or work with than infantrymen. It is difficult to explain why and I lack the eloquence, time, and a sufficiently well-rested brain to explain why. So, I will just sum it up by saying this. Here is a conversation that you will never hear in an infantry unit: Sergeant: “Gee, I’m sorry for yelling at you. I got a little upset and said some things that I shouldn’t have.” Soldier: “I understand. We all get stressed out sometimes.” Sergeant: “Thanks for understanding. Hey, how about a hug?” Instead, you are more likely to hear this: Sergeant: “All right, I’m done yelling at you. Dust yourself off and get back to work. If you ever pull some stupid crap like that again, I will smoke you into a coma.” Soldier: “Hooah, Sergeant.” Sergeant: “Shut up.” I cleaned that up quite a bit, too.

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